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Can we all take a moment to appreciate that Hyrule Warriors almost had a badass female version of Link named Linkle?
Pictures taken from the official game guide, btw. It has an art section.


SHAMANKING Horohoro by shocochample
I uploaded it to dA yesterday.

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Hunter x Hunter Vol.4 Blu-ray Cover


No nos parecemos (?)

Mi cara al verla uvu. Se me sonrojan las orejitas (?) -kawai-

Un pequeño (y ordinario) dibujo para mi amorcito <3

Mi amooooor x3… Pero si está precioso y me encantó! No puedo dejar de sonreír… Gracias, gracias, GRACIAS~! Me encanta!! Te amo x3!

hxh arcschimera ant part 2

Now, let us drink. Let us drink. Drink to the human race. In every age, there will be good humans and bad humans. Human life is too long to devote to reproduction, yet too short to devote to learning, in the helix of time. Perhaps that is why humans succumb to desire and seek release. Despite the fact that life is complete with the sun, the land, and poetry.

Royal Guard [1/3] Neferpitou


On My Game Shelf: Fire Emblem Awakening

We’re not pawns of some scripted fate.
I believe we’re more. Much more…
There’s something between us all.
Something that keeps us together…
Like…invisible ties, connecting us.