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*snorts so hard at haru getting a boner over the olympic pool cuz who needs nakama when you have a pool. an olympic pool. which is completely different to all other pools out there. and can magically make you okay about something you had arguments with your best friends about*


wait sorry it WASN’T the pool that got haru all excited over it was THE GUY WHO SAID HELLO TO HIM in a friendly manner

that’s when haru suddenly realized that pro swimmers are chill and that pro swimming is actually pretty great

that stranger opened haru’s eyes because he was so nice to him. he said “hey” and haru really liked that. he turns into a bird and dives into the water. that “hey what’s up” was so liberating to haru holy shit what a miracle

thanks strange australian swimmer

we all knew he was going pro but wow they made it happen in such a way that it wasn’t satisfying at all. it was incredibly rushed

avatarung asked:
@kyoani. if you're going to make an episode where you fuck up haruka nanese's entire character atleast push rin to the side for once (i know its hard) and let haru, the main character, be the focus of it.


kyoani: *slam dunks haru’s characterization into a trash bin*

whoever wrote episode 12: k, so i was thinking we should show rin being an angel. show his dreams him as a kid lets just put a lot of rin lol i mean he is the most popular character. what’s that? its makoto? ok but what about rin. oh yeah i guess the last min we could show haru wanting to follow rins dream. i guess thats okay too

kyoani: character development isn’t important unless its rin’s, of course.

lmfao i just don’t understand
we know rin suffered in aussieland, they didn’t have to flashback to it, it was not needed, WE KNOW, IT SUCKED A LOT, YOU DON’T HAVE TO REMIND ME, I DIDN’T FORGET, THEY SERIOUSLY SHOULD HAVE DONE THAT IN SEASON 1, WHY AREN’T WE FOCUSING ON HARU’S DILEMMA well whatever he’s okay now rin convinced haru he wanted this he just had to convince him further with his sob stories

i mean haru said no but he actually meant yes, says kyoani

lmfao what was the point of ep9….. or even ep11…. WHY DID HE GET MAD WHEN HE WAS GONNA GO PRO ANYWAY

Thank you, Tama. You’ve expressed what I think about this topic. Now episode 9 is absolutely pointless. Haruka said no multiple times, he even had a quarrel with his friends and with MAKOTO (THEIR FIRST FIGHT!) because of this and then Rin appears, showing Haruka a pool and just a couple of minutes after Haru went like “hell yes, I want this!”. What? Nothing makes sense anymore.

Kite - Episode 147
No matter where we go, we'll always be friends!


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Here is the 3DS Soundtrack in one single video.

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Dibujo al que le puse cero talento y esfuerzo.
Aquí están las hermanas del convento “Momentum Suculemtum” del yaoi. Es una representación fidedigna de la Hermana Traidora y la Gran Hermana de la Desvergüenza (líder suprema eternamente devota).

taoren mira!! aprendí a taggear gente! =D Bakán!!!!

Maldición xDDD!!! Pero míralas, si quedamos igualitas; tú con un Willy y yo con una Gigi. Por mucho que digas que lo hiciste sin poner talento y esfuerzo, me ahogué y lo amé xDDD!!! Tu cara es lo mejooooor~

Ototo del infierno, gracias xDDD!